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LaFerrari V12 for sale on eBay for $492K

By Louis Cordony, 10 Jan 2018 News

LaFerrari V12 engine for sale Ebay main nw

Ultimate Ferrari engine for grabs online

The engine from a LaFerrari has appeared for sale on eBay. 

The listing says the 6.5-litre V12 powered a ‘2017 Ferrari LaFerrari’ for 20 miles (32km) before the two were separated.

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We’ve contacted the seller for more information, to no response, particularly to find out why someone wanted to rid themselves of an atmo V12 with a 9250rpm cut-out.

LaFerrari V12 engine underside
What is it with online ads and blurry photos?

Then there’s the fact they could have originally handed USD$10m over for it. That’s the price paid for the last LaFerrari Aperta at a charity auction last year.

The listing reveals nothing about the hybrid system the engine was married to from factory. The electric motor added another 120kW and more than 200Nm to its 588kW and 700Nm.

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Nor does it reveal information on how the hybrid system might affect the engine’s next application. But even more perplexing is its asking price.

Ferrari LaFerrari V12 engine for sale
Once converted from American currency the engine would cost an Australian buyer $492,000 before delivery. Meaning you’d be paying $837 for each kilowatt.

For comparison, you could buy a Porsche 4.0-litre flat six for $888 per kilowatt, but with a 911 GT3 thrown in.

Or, if you could find one, a Superfast’s V12 makes the same amount of power and more torque, thanks to a longer crank stroke and variable length intake runners.

A Superfast only costs $120,000 extra and, again, you get a car thrown in as well.

EBay’s selling platform allows you to make an offer on the engine for less than the USD$385K asking price. And with over 200 people watching the item, potential buyers better hurry.

Unfortunately for Aussies though, even if you have the money, a suitable home for the engine, and the expertise to make it work, the seller says it will not ship outside of America. 

Source: eBay