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A Lamborghini has been destroyed in less than 20 minutes

By Kian Heagney, 26 Jun 2020 News

Lamborghini Performante Spyder destroyed during first drive

The brand-new Performante was involved in a massive accident during the owner’s first drive.

A Lamborghini worth more than half a million dollars has been seriously damaged in an accident less than 20 minutes after it was purchased.

Our story of dismay takes place in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, where a brand-new Lamborghini Performante Spyder was stopped in the outside lane of the M1.

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Valued at A$532,635, the V10-powered supercar was being taken for its very first drive by a new owner.

Police state the Lamborghini had stopped on the side of the road due to a mechanical fault, when it was hit from behind by a van.

According to reports, the driver of the van suffered head injuries, but both he and the Lamborghini owner are okay. Well, as okay as you can be, having had your brand-new supercar seemingly written off.

The damage to the rear of the Italian beast is extensive, and we’re very sceptical that even the best insurance company would be willing to repair it.

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Such was the force of the impact, that the convertible’s roll-protection system deployed, and the entire left-rear suspension assembly appears to have been destroyed.

UK Police say the owner of the Lamborghini was ok, but "could have cried".

Powered by a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10, the Performante produces 470kW and 670Nm. Having been purchased less than half an hour before the accident, we can forgive the new owner for shedding a tear or two.

It’s still not known if the Lamborghini was purchased new or second hand, but either way it’s a sad end to the very short life this owner had with his striking Italian machine.

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