The new Widebody Supra by Liberty Walk is as extreme as you'd expect

Not to be forgotten as the final word in OTT mods, Liberty Walk has a new Supra offering

Liberty Walk Toyota Supra widebody

Well, well, well. Liberty Walk is back at it again with another installment of How to Upset the Purists, this time with the Toyota GR Supra as its easel.

The new Supra, now a 285kW offering thanks to an update by BMW to its Z4-sourced engine, was already a contentious car, with many deciding Toyota’s decision to source its engine from BMW to remain an inline six was blasphemy.

Toyota Supra update details

Liberty Walk Toyota Supra widebody rear

But Liberty Walk cares not for the opinions of purists, instead deciding to whack a huge wing onto the bootlid, while also adding front and rear diffusers, and a widebody kit fitted along the entire side of the car. The bolt-on look and the fat wheel arches are complimented by a set of deep, cambered wheels on the car Liberty Walk has released imagery of.

While this kit is available for USD$15,950 (AUD$23,000) if specified in carbon fibre reinforced plastic, Liberty Walk also has a slightly modified version of the bonnet lid on offer, which adds actual vents in the bonnet as well as USD$3080 (AUD$4445) to the price.

Liberty Walk Toyota Supra widebody prototype

Available separately is an air suspension kit which allows the Supra to be just about lowered onto the ground (to its widebody, anyway) when stationary.

Toyota 86 gets the Liberty Walk Treatment

We’re sure the extent of this modification would essentially render an otherwise excellent sports car much less capable (especially as it took silver at PCOTY 2020), but for those who are into Liberty Walk’s modification ethos, we’re sure they won’t care.


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