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Lister LFT-C is a 497kW Jaguar convertible

By Daniel Wong, 21 Mar 2019 News

Lister LFT-C 497kW Jaguar F-Type convertible news

Lister’s souped-up F-Type gets a very limited topless treatment

Famed British racing car manufacturer Lister has taken its list of extensive tweaks done to the 497kW LFT-666 coupe and applied it to the F-Type convertible to create the Lister LFT-C.

Limited to just 10 examples, the LFT-C is armed with the LFT-666’s supercharged 5-litre V8 producing the same 666bhp (497kW) output, and equipped with the same wheels, exhaust, suspension, and brake package as the coupe.

As for the exterior, Lister has also given the LFT-C a similar treatment to its coupe counterpart, outfitting the convertible with their own carbon fibre body panels and bodykit. Each example will be furnished with a solid silver numbered plaque that is attached to the engine cover.

Being a drop-top, the LFT-C does cop a performance disadvantage of a mere 5km/h lower top speed at 330km/h, as compared to the LFT-666’s 335km/h, not that most drivers would care to notice as Lister quotes a 0-100km/h time of “just over three seconds”.  

With just 10 examples being made, Lister puts the LFT-C’s starting price at £139,000 (AUD$257,250), an AUD$41,400 premium over the LFT-666, before options and Australian taxes.

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If the LFT-666 and LFT-C are out of your price range, Lister will be offering wheel and bodykits for all F-Type models worldwide with kits starting from just £9750 (AUD$18,000).

With the recent opening of Lister’s new £5 million headquarters, Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Lister Motor Company, there is more in store from the company in the coming months as the company plans to launch at least two new cars in 2019.