For $15 million you could buy the ultimate car enthusiast’s house

This house comes with everything you could ever need, including a 50-car garage, on-site fuel pump and a proper dyno

Montana mansion

Talking points

  • $15 million mansion in Montana
  • Room for 50 cars
  • Your very own dyno and fuel pump

Give a car nut an unlimited budget to build a house and it’s very likely they would come up with something similar to this multi-million dollar mansion that is for sale in Montana, USA.

On the market for US$12 million, which with current exchange rates equates to AUD$15.4 million, the property has everything you could ever want as a motoring enthusiast.

Located in Big Sky, Montana, the main residence is a four-bedroom and five-bathroom building occupying 8361 square metres of the 20-acre property.

Now, you might be thinking the two-car garage attached to the house is a tad, well, underwhelming for a house of this price.

Fear not, because the new owner will also get the secondary garage, which has space for 50 vehicles, a Tesla home charging system, and a full-blown dyno.

Yup, you get an honest-to-god dyno that you can fire up at any time to see exactly how much power each of your toys is producing.

That’s not all – the property also includes a 1000 gallon fuel pump (equivalent to 3785 litres of your finest petroleum) to keep your collection juiced.

You also get indoor and outdoor car wash bays, an on-site generator, caretaker quarters, tractor storage, and some utterly breathtaking views

Finally, the property also includes a secondary detached guest house specifically built for Aunty Bev and Uncle Barry in their roaming RV.

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