Never-registered 2009 Honda S2000 for sale at six-figures

“Brand new” S2000 appears on eBay for new Porsche money

Never-registered 2009 Honda S2000 eBay listing

A brand-new never-registered Honda S2000 has appeared for sale on eBay with just 153km on the clock and a whooping USD$98,888 asking price, or 145,800 Dollarydoos.

For comparison, in The States, a brand new 992 911 Carrera coupe can be had for USD$97,400, or in local context, AUD145,800 is just a smidgen under the Porsche 718 Cayman S’ asking price. Tempting metal.

Never Registered 2009 Honda S 2000 Rear Jpg

That being said, the S2000 is one of the best examples of atmo-engined sports cars around, with the US-spec 2.2-litre naturally-aspirated inline-four in this example serving up 177kW at 7800rpm with a stratospheric 8000rpm redline.

Coupled to a slick six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, 1295kg weight, minimalist interior, and Honda’s reputation for bulletproof reliability, the S2000 is widely considered to be one of the best driver’s cars around.

According to the California-based seller’s listing, the S2000 is as showroom pristine as it can get, mechanically unmolested, and even comes with the original USD$35,645 showroom sticker price tag.

Never Registered 2009 Honda S 2000 Interior Jpg

While some may baulk at its USD$99k price tag, this same car was previously sold at the end of February for a not-too-insignificant amount of USD$70,000. Whether the USD$29k premium it has accumulated in the span of seven months is justified is for prospective buyers to decide.

In retrospect, the USD$99k seems like a bit of a bargain considering that a “brand new” 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR with just 14.5km on the odometer was sold on eBay for USD$137,954 in 2017.

Like the S2000, the Evo IX MR was one of the best iteration of its lineage which never saw a worthy successor.


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