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Porsche 918 Spyder & Ferrari LaFerrari for sale in Australia

By Chris Thompson, 03 Aug 2018 News

Porsche 918 Spyder & Ferrari LaFerrari for sale in Australia news

Dutton Garage has two-thirds of the ‘hypercar holy trinity’ in stock

Low kays, high prices. That’s how it seems to go with most of the world’s fastest cars.

Currently for sale in Melbourne are two perfect examples of this, which also happen to make up two-thirds of the ‘hypercar holy trinity’ – a Porsche 918 Spyder and a Ferrari LaFerrari. The missing factor to round the three out is a McLaren P1.

The Porsche, in all its 652kW/1280Nm 4.6-litre hybrid V8 glory, is listed at twice its (approximate) $1.5 million original price. Porsche built 918 of the things – not a coincidence – which would go some way to explaining both its rarity and value.

Last year, for example, an 11,000km example sold for €1,456,000 (AUD$2.29 million) at the RM Sotheby’s Villa Erba auction.

The one for sale at Dutton only has 60km on the clock. Someone buy it and drive it, please.

Or, if red is more your colour, the 2014 LaFerrari is also an option. While we would guess its price (listed as POA) is north of the $3m being asked for the 918, so is the figure on its odometer.

But not by much, the Fez has still only travelled 170km, meaning it’s just as ‘new’ as the Porsche.

The Ferrari is also the rarer of the pair, with 500 built (excluding the 210 topless Apertas), and its $1.77 million (also approximate) original asking price tops the Porsche’s.

Worthy Watch: Vettel drifts a LaFerrari Aperta

In the end, aside from the likely price difference, the decision as to which of these is more desirable comes down to personal preference.

You know where to put your money if a 708kW 6.3-litre V12 is your thing, but the Porsche is just as valid a choice.

So, money no object, which of these would you have? Tell us below!