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VIDEO: Absolutely sending it over a sand dune

By Tristan Tancredi, 16 Jun 2020 News

VIDEO: Absolutely sending it over a sand dune

Here's how not to drive over a sand dune.

IN A VIDEO recently uploaded to the NBN Television Facebook page, two vehicles can be seen absolutely sending over a sand dune at Stockton Beach in Newcastle. 

Source: www.facebook.com/watch/nbntelevision

Luckily, it seems nobody was hurt performing the incredibly stupid - and illegal - stunt, with the only casualties most likely being destroyed suspension and a totalled Lexus - good luck getting insurance to cover that...

The Ford Ranger Raptor fared much better than its SUV counterpart - albeit, with much less air time - but its Fox shocks probably didn't come out unscathed, either.

Hitting the apex of a sand dune at speed can be dangerous for two reasons: it can be followed by a potentially fatal fall; and facing skyward creates a huge blind spot, increasing the risk of colliding with approaching vehicles.

DUNE DRIVING: Tips and tricks

The problem with hooning over sand dunes isn't solely a safety issue, either, as beaches can be closed for public access due to poor behaviour. This ultimately means law-abiding citizens are the ones who get banned from driving such tracks and areas. So remember, air down and play it safe!

The stunning Stockton Beach is immense, with a formidable sand-dune system stretching as far as the eye can see - some dunes are even said to be more than 100-feet tall.

Source: NBN Television