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Tesla slashes prices, renames entire range

By Cameron Kirby, 07 May 2019 News

Tesla slashes prices, renames entire range

The electric car manufacturer has cut almost $60,000 from the price of its Model X flagship

Tesla’s Model S sedan and Model X SUV have both copped significant price changes for 2019, along with a new naming convention.

Badges have been changed from 75D, 100D, and P100D, to Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance, reflecting the convention being used for the Model 3.

Entry pricing for the most affordable ‘Standard Range’ models have been increased by $750 for the Model S and $600 for Model X.

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The largest changes are reserved for the Model X though, with the Long Range and Performance variants dropping in price by $7900 and $59,400 respectively (see table below for full pricing). Meanwhile, Model S buyers save $11,300 and $58,500 on the equivalent models.

Along with the price changes, Tesla has tweaked its battery systems, providing increased claim range, and quicker 0-100km/h times.

On the NEDC cycle, Tesla claims the Standard Range will now traverse 490km on a single charge, while the Long Range can travel 660km. The 0-100km/h times for these variants has been shaved to 4.2 sec and 3.8 sec respectively.

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Model S Performance buyers can expect 650km of range according to Tesla, with a 3.2 sec 0-100km/h sprint. However, for $9300 Ludicrous mode can be fitted, which doesn’t affect range, but decreases acceleration to triple digits down to just 2.6 sec.

With more weight, the Model X has a claimed NEDC range of 425km in Standard Range trim, with Long Range and Performance variants expected to travel 575km and 550km. The electric SUV’s 0-100km/h times have dropped to 4.8 sec, 4.6 sec, and 3.6 sec, while Ludicrous mode is a $8500 option, resulting in a claimed sprint of 2.9 sec.

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A Tesla spokesperson confirmed to Wheels that there are no spec changes for the models beyond the Autopilot driver-assistance feature now being standard.

The addition of Autopilot as a standard feature makes way for what Tesla is referring to as ‘Full Self Driving’ to become an optional extra.


Old Price

New Price


Claimed range (NEDC)


Model S Standard Range






Model S Long Range






Model S Performance


$137,700 (+$9300 for Ludicrous)



3.2sec (2.6sec with Ludicrous)

Model X Standard Range






Model X Long Range






Model X Performance


$144,200 (+$8500 for Ludicrous)



3.6sec (2.9sec with Ludicrous)