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Performance Pack for GR Yaris as Toyota takes aim at rivals

By Tim Robson, 30 Jul 2020 News

Toyota GR Yaris Performance Pack

Toyota has heard your protests and is set to add the Performance Pack to the incoming GR Yaris

It’s not long now until Toyota unleashes its hottest ever hatchback on the world, the World Rally Car-inspired Toyota GR Yaris.

The all-wheel-drive tiny three-door titan will pack a sizable punch from a 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine that’s expected to send around 185kW and 350Nm to all four wheels.

And in a piece of glory-be news for potential Australian owners, Toyota Australia has appeared to have had a change of heart about supplying the GR Yaris here complete with the formerly scorned Performance Pack.

“Watch this space,” said our snout when asked about the pack making it to Aussie-spec cars.

MOTOR has since contacted Toyota Australia for further clarification with a spokesperson echoing the sentiment.

"We took all the feedback from the end of last year and it's been something we're looking at to see if it can work. But there's not confirmation or announcement at this point."

We drive the Toyota GR Yaris prototype!

The Performance Pack adds Torsen limited-slip differentials front and rear, providing the ability to split drive torque left and right as well as fore and aft, as well as Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres and tweaked dampers.

Initially, the pack was off the table for our cars, with Toyota Australia’s vice president of sales and marketing Sean Hanley telling MOTOR “we believe that the [standard] GR Yaris is a very capable car that will meet the requirements of the target audience in the Australian market.”

To be fair, the three-pot turbocharged terror is well equipped out of the box, with a carbon fibre roof, alloy guards, hatch and bonnet, big brakes and all-wheel-drive as standard.

And we’ll be able to get all that goodness at a very keen price, according to our source, who reckons that the GR Yaris could undercut its chief rivals in the compact hot hatch space when it arrives late this or early next year.

How much will the GR Yaris cost?

Our guess is that the stock GR Yaris could land just short of $40,000 if Toyota wanted to really undercut rivals, though it's more likely to end up just above $40k with the Performance Pack a $2000-$4000 optional extra.

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