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VIDEO: Kia Stinger GT Tuned Exhaust clip

By Louis Cordony, 04 Aug 2017 News

Exhaust shop unleashes Stinger GT’s inner war cry

Kia Stinger GT at mechanics

Australia’s excited for Kia’s Stinger GT. Really excited. But some of us are highly suspect of one thing, its engine.

Power isn’t in question, with 276kW/510Nm the twin-turbo V6 makes enough to humble your uncle’s Commodore SS or Falcon XR6 Turbo.

Kia Stinger GT at the mechanicsThe bigger issue is its war cry. As MOTOR discovered at the Stinger GT’s global launch in Germany, the 3.3-litre engine sounds like an oversized Dyson.

The issue’s so rife Kia Australia has vowed to beef up the Stinger’s bark with a bi-modal exhaust designed by HSV's contract exhaust gurus.

While tests on a prototype are happening in Melbourne until Kia are happy, Australia waits in suspense to know whether a burly tune can be extracted from the refinement-focused Stinger.

In Korea, however, exhaust specialists JUN B.L have proven there’s nothing to worry about if you turn to the aftermarket. 

The shop has released video of a Stinger GT fitted with its aftermarket exhaust. And it reveals the 3.3-litre V6 definitely has a bark. A proper, gurgly one at that.

The system looks to start from the cat back and, with some revs, helps the Stinger mimic an AMG C43’s howling six.

Kia Stinger GT exhaust tunedCan HSV's exhaust experts unleash a similar note from Australia’s Kia Stinger GT? It’ll heed to local ADR regulations, but judging by HSV products they, more than anyone, have a knack with wicked exhaust notes.

Kia’s promised a rear-drive, four-door sedan that can clip 100km/h in under six seconds, and everything we’ve seen or driven so far says it’ll deliver.

Should it near the JUN B.L system’s rort, we’re sure Aussies will feel much more comfortable laying down $55K of their hard earned.

Source: JUN B.L systems