Alex Affat

Journalist, MOTOR

MOTOR’s young-gun recruit Alex Affat got his media start covering grassroots motorsport and the late-model modified car scene under his own brand in high school.

He has spent the past few years covering some of the most significant models and motorsport moments in history with our siblings over at Unique Cars.

Motor-noter by trade and weekend racer by choice, Affat can be found on any given weekend working on his R32 Skyline GT-R.

As a child of the internet, Affat’s heart lies with 1980s and '90s performance machines and has earned a bit of a reputation as the resident office ‘JDM’-nerd.

As an enthusiast for anything with four-wheels, and a passion for old things, he’s just as likely to turn heads at a 1950s yank-tank and to remark on its technically-advanced for the time Autronic Eye photonic system - or to share with you the literary etymological origins of the term ‘station wagon’.


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