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Autonomous emergency braking brand names explained

By David Bonnici, 24 Jun 2018 Car Advice

Autonomous emergency braking brand names explained

Knowing if a car has AEB can be confusing when car manufacturers use their own names for the technology

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) has been a revolution for vehicle safety and while it’s not compulsory, customer demand has hastened its availability as standard equipment on a third of the most popular cars sold in Australia.

However, it can be difficult to know which models are fitted with AEB as each manufacturer has different, often confusing, names for the technology such as Audi’s ‘Pre Sense Plus or Volvo’s City Safety.

On the other hand AEB branding could help you work out what kind of auto-braking system the car has though. For example, the word ‘city’, usually refers to system only detecting and avoiding collision at lower speeds – which isn’t a bad thing as that’s where most rear-end collisions happen.

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And ‘mitigation’ could mean the AEB is more likely to reduce the impact of a crash rather than avoid it all together.

Once you establish the car you want has AEB, be sure to have the car dealer explain how it works and any limitations.

While different manufacturers have their own name for AEB it’s worth noting that not all of their models or variants are necessarily equipped with the technology. Fortunately, the list of those that do is growing every month. 

AEB systems by manufacturer 

  • Alfa Romeo: Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Audi: Pre Sense Plus
  • BMW: Driving Assistant Plus
  • Fiat: Forward Collision Plus
  • Ford: Active City Stop
  • Holden: Automatic Emergency Braking City Stop
  • Honda: Collision Mitigation Braking System
  • Hyundai: Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Jeep: Forward Collision Plus
  • Kia: Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Land Rover: Autonomous Emergency Braking

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  • Lexus: Pre-collision Safety System with Brake Assist
  • Maserati: Forward Collision Warning Plus
  • Mazda: Smart City Brake Support
  • Mercedes-Benz: PRE-SAFE Brake
  • Mini: City Collision Mitigation
  • Mitsubishi: Forward Collision Mitigation
  • Nissan: Intelligent Emergency Braking with Forward-Collision Warning
  • Porsche: Warn and Brake Assist
  • Peugeot: Active Safety Brake
  • Renault: Advanced Emergency Braking System
  • Skoda: Multi-Collision Braking
  • Subaru: Pre-Collision Braking System (Eyesight)
  • Suzuki: Advanced Forward Detection System (with Autonomous Emergency Braking)
  • Tesla: Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Toyota: Pre-Crash Safety System
  • Volkswagen: City Emergency Braking
  • Volvo: City Safety