Resolved to treat your car better in 2018? We can help

If your New Year’s resolution is to treat your car better in 2018, the following WhichCar advice pieces will help

Best advice of 2017

The phrase “A stitch in time, saves nine” can apply to maintaining your car, which will reward regular checks and preventative maintenance by looking good, driving well and even saving fuel and mechanic’s bills in the long term.

WhichCar’s Car Advice section has plenty of stories to help you ensure your car keeps looking and running at its best, such as:

How to check your tyre pressures correctly

It should be no secret just how important correct tyre pressures are. Not only will a vehicle rolling on well-maintained tyres turn, stop and accelerate more safely and comfortably, it will also return the optimum fuel economy, so it should be top of the list of weekly jobs you can take care of yourself.

Some motorists may find the range of inflators found on service station forecourts confusing, but checking and correcting your own tyre pressures is a simple job.

That said there are some things many people get wrong. Read the full story here.

Tyre Pressure Automatic Jpg

How to extend the life of your tyres

Tyres are one of the biggest expenses over the life of your car and regardless of what you drive there are few parts more important than the small patch of rubber in contact with the road.

Maintenance of your tyres will not only keep you safer but will save you money by helping to cut fuel and use prolonging the time before you have to shell out for new ones. Here are a few tips for extending the life of tyres.

How often should you wash your car?

It seems obvious that you should wash your car whenever it gets dirty. However, it’s a good idea to wash regularly to prevent dirt, grime and other contaminants settling on the paintwork in the first place.

The frequency between washes depends on where the car is parked and the kind of dirt and contaminants it’s exposed to. Read the full story to see how that applies to you.  

Wash Car Jpg

Waxing your car

Waxing and polishing is important for maintaining a car’s paint, and can also help restore a faded paint job back to its original glossy glory.

While it’s a relatively simple job that most people can do at home there are a few important things to know before you start smearing your car in wax, so we sought expert advice from James Kennedy, co-owner of Mothers Polish.

Car maintenance tasks you can do yourself

One reason why we tend to neglect cars is the hassle and expense of getting it to a mechanic to fix minor things. New cars aren’t exactly DIY-friendly when it comes to maintenance, however there are a few tasks you can do should the need arise before the next service.

Here are some jobs which you can do yourself to save money and put you more in tune with your car’s workings.

How to tell when your globes are blown, and how to fix them

It’s a pain when the light in your bathroom gets unexpectedly snuffed out, but it can be downright dangerous if the various lamps on your car quit shining bright.

It’s generally easy to tell when a headlamp globe blows out, given the road in front of your car will become noticeably dimmer at night, but what’s the best way on keeping an eye on the rest of your globes when you’re in the driver’s seat? What’s more, how do you go about fixing it? WhichCar shows you how.

How to stop your headlights turning foggy and yellow

Modern vehicles are plagued by unsightly, clouded and yellowing headlight lenses on an enormous scale. Not only are they ugly, they’re also unsafe. Here’s how to minimise the issue with your own car and how to fix the problem if it has already happened.


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