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Essential car accessories for dog owners

By Noelle Faulkner, 15 Apr 2019 Car Advice

What you need when travelling with a dog

From upholstery protectors to fur-free living and beyond, consider this your pet-friendly checklist road tripping with a furry mate in the back.

For pet owners, there is something really special about being able to take your furry friend with you on the road, especially during the holidays when they get to spend the most time with the family. Keeping dogs entertained, calm and safe in a car is one thing, but also protecting your car from fur, muddy paws and drool is another.

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So whether you’re travelling with a pet during the holidays, taking a road trip or enjoying a daily ride to the dog park, here are nine of the best and most practical dog-friendly car accessories, including the best buys to prevent your dog from jumping into the cabin and what you can do to help prevent travel anxiety on long journeys. 


Dog accessories for your car

Backseat Barrier
Prevent excitable pups from jumping into the cabin or distracting those in the front seat with one of these easy-to-install tubular barriers.
Quick Connect Tubular Car Barrier, $149.95, worldforpets.com.au



Dog accessories for your car

Car Door Guards
Calling all drooly bois: If your dog leaves a trail of paw prints or drool marks down the side of your door, you’ll be thankful for a pair of these.
Car Door Guards, $45.95, worldforpets.com.au


Dog accessories for your car

Waterproof Seat Cover
With slots for seat belts and side protection, this waterproof hammock-style seat cover will protect your precious upholstery from fur, sand and muddy paws.
Waterproof Hammock Pet Car Seat Cover, $39.95, dogculture.com.au


Dog accessories for your car

Dog Car Ramp
Made for older pups, those with limited mobility or the vertically challenged who can’t jump high enough to get into their owner's car, this non-slip ramp folds in half and can be used in any size vehicle.
All for Paws Travel Dog Car Ramp, $169.99, mypetwarehouse.com.au


Dog accessories for your car

Pet hair removal glove
This handy glove will remove pet hair from most fabrics, including seat upholstery, fabric-lined boots and clothing. Essential for shedding breeds.
Mr Clean Pet Hair and Upholstery Cleaning Mitt, $8.30, Bunnings.com.au


Dog-friendly car accessories

Seat Belt Safety Clip
You wouldn’t ride around with your kids unbuckled, so why put your furry friend at risk? This seat belt harness keeps your dog safe and secure and simply clicks into existing seatbelt buckle.
Kurgo Director to Seatbelt Tether, $24.99, PetBarn.com.au


Dog accessories for your car

Chew Toy
Throwing in a tasty chew toy or bone will help tide restless pups over between stops, and may help relieve some anxiety for those who aren’t so crash hot on travel.
Tasty Bone Nylon Bone, Lamb Flavour, $31.99, petbarn.com.au


Dog accessories for your car

Anti-Anxiety Vest
Speaking of anxiety, if your furry pal needs calming to get in the car, consider investing in a ThunderShirt. These all-natural shirts are recommended by vets around the world and act on constant pressure (the company likens it to swaddling an infant..) to help calm stressed-out animals as well as those who might be over-excited when in the car.
Thundershirt, From $58.99, thundershirt.com.au



Dog accessories for your car

Car Window Vent
While having your dog, tongue and all, hanging out the side window is cute, it’s not entirely safe… So keep your pet happy and flapping its ears in the wind with one or two of these expandable window vents which fit most passenger car windows.
Mikki Dog Window Guard, $25.50, dogculture.com.au


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