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Should I buy paint protection?

By David Morley, 05 Jul 2016 Car Advice

Should I buy paint protection?

To paint-protect and rust-proof, or not to paint-protect and rust-proof. David Morley provides the definitive answer on whether those add-ons and extras like interior protection are really worth it.

Paint protection systems, interior trim protection and rust preventatives are all things you’ll be asked to consider when you buy a brand-new car. Do you need them? No. Not even nearly. So why are you being offered them? Because they’re a great way for the car dealership to add a few, easy bucks to the bottom line.

Maybe, in the olden days, when cars weren’t made as well, rust-proofed as well,  or made from the same quality materials as they are today, all those protection systems might have been a bit relevant. But not today. Let’s be honest, if the dealer is trying to sell you a brand new car that he or she honestly reckons is going to need extra rust protection or paint protection, the car itself must be of pretty lousy quality to begin with, right? Exactly…don’t fall for it.