Six phone technologies to stop you breaking the law while driving

No one likes getting caught doing the wrong thing. Here are six apps that’ll help you become a safer driver, and avoid those pesky fines.

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A study in 2012 showed that 93 per cent of Australian drivers do other things while driving, like using a phone or applying mascara.

Using a phone while driving can incur large costs to both your wallet and your licence, but these mobile phone apps are here to help. Oh, the irony.


Aami Safe Driver app

The AAMI developed app analyses your driving behaviour and rewards you for good for doing the right thing. Via GPS, it monitors your speed, acceleration, braking and phone usage while you’re on the road. The app then rewards you points so you can see whether you’re considered to be a safe or unsafe driver. For AAMI members, it can even be linked to your account so you can see greater awards for good behaviour.


RAC My Drive

Similar to the AAMI Safe Driver app, myDrive uses GPS to rate your driving skills. You’ll get points and lose points based on your on-road conduct, and you could even score yourself a discount on your insurance costs with Royal Automobile Club (RAC).


Flo Driving Insights

Again, Flo is based on a points system where you’re given points for good actions and punished for negative ones. It’s an instant feedback app that allows you to see how you drive, monitoring your cornering, acceleration, breaking and more are tracked and kept in a log so you can compare each trip.


RACV Connect

RACV Connect allows you to do everything from monitor your current behaviour to finding your nearest fuel station. Your information, which also includes your favourite driver tips, can be stored in a file which you can then email to yourself. It even tells you the traffic conditions!


Ford Sync

Then there are car manufacturers who are creating their own apps to create a safer in-car experience, such as Ford Sync’s Do Not Disturb mode. The technology allows you to control your phone via a button in the car to either divert calls and texts while driving or encourage voice control.


iPhone CarPlay

This is one of the newest technologies to hit the automotive infotainment system. These systems aid drivers with navigation maps, messaging function and music streaming. Both these systems take certain applications from your phone and display them onto your in-built car display. It takes the function of your phone from illegal use to legal. No fines necessary. This feature is only available in certain cars but is becoming increasingly common on new models.


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