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Top five car features to keep you warm during winter

By Anna Kantilaftas, 29 May 2019 Car Advice

Top five features to keep you warm during winter

Game of Thrones may have come to an end, but winter is still coming. So we visit five features that make driving in the frosty depths of winter more bearable than finding a new show to binge.

There’s no escaping the icy winter that’s arrived in most parts of Australia, and jumping into a glacially-cold car isn’t anyone’s idea of comfortable driving.

Fortunately, car manufacturers have started to introduce a bunch of features that make your experience on the road during winter more pleasant.

We bet the following list of winter must haves are the most coveted features in Australia right now.


Heated seats

Seat warmers have become a common feature in new cars. From luxury cars to your everyday passenger vehicles, heated seats are an easily-accessible extravagance. Using this technology is quite strange at first, but once you work out it’s not your bladder failing you, you’ll never be able to live without them. Manufacturers have even started introducing this technology to rear seats for passenger comfort.


heated steering wheel

Winter equals painful frozen fingers, which means difficulty grabbing a steering wheel. But this is a problem of the past… for most. Vehicles like the Jeep Renegade or BMW X5 feature a heated steering wheel which warms those little fingers up faster than a night in a cave with Jon Snow.


heated mirrors

With chilly weather come frosty windscreens and mirrors. Driving through pouring rain is interesting enough with your front and rear windows fogging up, and not being able to see what’s happening in the lane(s) next to you is also far from ideal. Thankfully, a number of new cars feature side-mirror demisters. Like your windscreen, this feature sends heat to your mirrors to stop them fogging up. 


Audi S Line Neck scarf

This is a feature for convertible drivers willing to brave the weather with the top down. Through neck-level vents in the back of front passenger seats, warm air is pushed through to blanket the neck and back of the head.


Remote start heating

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send someone to heat up your car before you got in to it? With remote start, you can. With the press of a button, you can start your car’s engine and get the heating system blowing hot air into the cabin before you’ve even opened the door to get in!