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The most annoying traffic fines ever

09 Aug 2019 Car Advice

Annoying traffic fines

You won’t believe what some of our readers have been pinged for while driving - fair cop or blatant revenue raising?

We recently posed the question on WhichCar Facebook: What is the most frustratingly minor thing you’ve done to attract a traffic fine, and received a bunch of responses that made us wonder how anyone is able to hang on to their licence. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Lacking control

Accelerating to the speed limit up a hill. I got a ticket for "failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle". I stupidly just paid the fine to avoid having to go to court so now it's on my record forever – Brad


In a spin

Took off (slowly) from an intersection and the inside wheel spun the tiniest amount in my 2500kg FWD work van. Cop pulled me over and told me I did a burnout. He was “very lenient” on me and fined me $660 and three points. He said I should have got the van impounded and lost my license. 

I said I’d take it to court, he said if I did and was found guilty then I would lose my van and my license and he was “doing me a favour by just fining me for neg driving”. I couldn’t risk my livelihood so paid it. – Johnny

Same thing. I was in a ute on a gravelly road. I got done under the hooning law. I copped $800 and six points. – Andy

Took off over a slightly wet pedestrian crossing and the rear tyres squealed. I got fined for “excessive tyre revolutions”. – Greg

Fair but harsh

A minor error in judgement saw me get a speed camera fine for 60 in a 50 zone, on a quiet, main-ish back road with, at the time, no traffic.

Although it wasn't deliberate, I'll cop it. But here in South Australia, the fine for 10ks and over is $430! Not sure the punishment fits the crime to be honest. – Dave

Hidden detail

52km/h in a 50 zone. When I went back to find 50 sign found it behind a new bus shelter. They wouldn't drop it. To make matters worse it was a near double fine of $380 as it was in a heavy vehicle. – Peter


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Towing the line

Had a trailer on my car years ago. Cop pulled me over and stated my rego plate was partially obscured due to the trailer. Fined. – David

Delayed payment

Paid rego on a public holiday and got booked for being unregistered three days later. – Peter

Bordering on unfair

103, in a 100km/h zone on the Queensland side of Mooree. – Gregory

Have you received a traffic fine for something minor or when you had no idea you were infringing? Tell us in the comments below.