The Fast and Furious Chevelle SS is up for auction in Australia

One of Dominic Toretto’s main cars in the FnF films could be yours!

Fast and Furious Chevrolet Chevelle SS

One of the most significant cars in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, Dominic Toretto’s Chevrolet Chevelle SS, is up for auction.

And what's more, it's on sale right here in Australia.

Auction house Lloyds currently has the iconic movie car as part of a classic car sale, running for another three days and finishing at midday on Saturday September 26.

The Chevelle SS made a brief appearance in its red and black paintwork in the first film, The Fast and the Furious, but plays a much more prominent role in the fourth FnF film, Fast and Furious, as Toretto’s main ride after being modified and repainted grey.

It meets it end as a flaming wreck during the film, though is replaced by another Chevelle in a similar red and black livery by the time the eighth film rolls around.

Fast and Furious Chevrolet Chevelle SS rear

While it’s not as iconic as Toretto’s Dodge Charger, the Chevelle is one of the only other cars to make consistent and meaningful appearances right through the franchise.

Bidding for the car, which has been kept in pre-explosion film condition, currently sits at A$40,500 at time of publication.

“We expect this car to reach six figures this Saturday, but what the final figure will be is anyone’s guess as it will be a car to treasure and will go down in history forever,” says Lloyds COO Lee Hames.

Fast and Furious Chevrolet Chevelle SS nitrous

The Chevelle was, according to Lloyds, imported into Australia in 2012, three years after Fast and Furious was released.

It’s still got its V8, four-speed manual, and even the nitrous bottle that was part of its film presence.

“The car was even signed by Cody Walker, Paul Walker’s brother back in 2015 and has also been submitted with Universal Studio Certificate of Title,” Hames adds.

We’re not expecting it to reach the lofty bidding heights reached by the iconic orange Toyota Supra from the first film, which sold for US$185,000 five years ago.

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