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HSV GTS-R engine confirmed

By Cameron Kirby, 26 Jul 2016 Car News

HSV GTS-R artist's impression

But HSV’s reborn GTS-R won’t be the fastest car it ever makes.

The GTS-R badge will be returning to Australian roads thanks to HSV. Sister publication Wheels first revealed the story earlier this year, and remains confident the project will go ahead.

Our other sister magazine; Motor, has done some more digging, and is able to confirm what engine will power the fabled GTS-R.

Despite what the rumour mill might suggest, HSV’s freshly imported batch of LS9 engines will not be wedged under the bonnet of the GTS-R. No, instead the Corvette engines will be saved for a more powerful, faster, ‘Final Edition’.

The GTS-R will receive the same LSA platform as the standard GTS (if you can call it that). However, it will be packing more punch thanks to further tweaking from the boffins at HSV.

HSV GTS-R artist's impressionSister publication Wheels envisioned what the GTS-R would look like in these computer generated images.

To put that into perspective, the current GTS packs 430kW and 730Nm, which propels it to 100km/h from a standstill in 4.5 seconds.

It is expected the GTS-R’s tweaked LSA will slot between that in the GTS, and the LS9-powered car when it arrives.

The LS9 comes from the previous generation Corvette ZR1, and pushes out 476kW and 820Nm.

It is poised to be placed in the most powerful – and expensive – Australian car ever built.

1996 HSV GTS-R

The as-yet unnamed vehicle will be built on the GTS VF platform, but receive new bumpers, aero, and suspension along with the 6.2-litre supercharged engine.

Costs of the ‘Final Edition’ could soar as high as $165,000 thanks to the fact it will be built with two engines.

Holden would first have to install the LSA in the car at Clayton, before it is handed over to HSV, who will shoehorn the LS9 under the bonnet.

The time of Aussie-built V8 brawlers is coming to a close, but they won’t be disappearing without a fight.

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