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Top 5 best-selling utes in Australia

By Tom Fraser, 20 Aug 2020 Car Style

Top 5 best-selling utes in Australia

We shine a spotlight on Australia's most popular pickups

Despite the brief appearance from the Toyota RAV4 as the best-selling car in July 2020, utes continue to dominate the Australian new car sales charts as the most popular vehicles each month. 

The top prize is usually traded tit-for-tat each month between the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux, but let's round out the top five best sellers so far this year according to the VFACTs data pool.

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1. Ford Ranger

20,205 sold - Ford’s Ranger is a real Aussie success story post-local manufacturing demise. Designed and developed Down Under, the Ranger regularly notches up more sales than any other registering 20,205 sales to date in 2020. 

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2. Toyota Hilux

19,327 - The Toyota Hilux is snapping at the Ford Ranger's heels so far this year, and the outlook is looking bright with a raft of updates for the 2021 model year on the way. Hilux sales have also been limited by supply, so expect a surge when the new facelift arrives imminently.

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3. Mitusbishi Triton

9636 - Mitsubishi has successfully turned around a period of lacklustre sales after introducing the current generation Triton. While it's not a headline-grabbing effort like the Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger, the Mitsubishi Triton is a consistent performer for the Japanese carmaker in Australia, regularly appearing in the top ten selling cars each month.

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2019 Mitsubishi Triton GLS Premium

4. Holden Colorado

6357 - This is the last time you'll see a Holden appearing in a top-5 sales chart in Australia. The Colorado spurred on a struggling Holden after local manufacturing ended in 2017 but the withdrawal of GM from Australia will see it drop off the sales charts towards the end of the year as Holden runs out its existing stock. 

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5. Nissan Navara

5222 - The Nissan Navara has amassed a cult following in Australia but it only exists in the minority. Recent updates to the Isuzu D-Max (which only trails Navara by 142 sales) could well see the Nissan Navara fall down the order. 

Nissan Navara N-TREK

Sales data gathered from VFACTS through July 2020. 

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