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Find out how old you are with this driving game

15 Dec 2015 Car Style

Find out how old you are with this driving game

Do you think you have the reaction time of a 20 year old? Well play this game to find out just how quick you are.

Everyone likes to think they’re a good driver. Most of the time, we get from A to B without incident, and obviously, the older we are, the more experience we have and therefore, the better we are at reacting, right?

Not necessarily. Europe’s JustPark have created a game that might suggest otherwise – it’ll either prove you have the reaction time of a 90-year-old, or it’ll take you back to 18 years old. The company surveyed 2000 people from 18 years and older to create the game.

Click on the image above to play (via JustPark.com)

Your reaction time plays a big part in the stopping distance of your car and there are a lot of circumstances that can change this such as speed, road conditions, what car you’re driving as well as impairments like drugs, alcohol and driver fatigue. So we’re not sure how this holds up in real life driving, but it’s a good indication and a great procrastination tool.

undefinedAccording to the test, Anna isn't actually human.

Plus, we don’t know about you but we’ll take the 21-year-old title any day. Or cyborg in the case of Anna, our Lifestyle Editor.

So, what’s your driving age?