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Canine cruisers

09 Oct 2015 Car Style

Canine cruisers

What happens when ‘man’s best friend’ meets ‘man’s other best friend’? This is probably the most unbelievable thing you’ll see all day.

Driving is a big part of what we do here in the WhichCar office. Shock horror. But when we received an email directing us to a bunch of videos of dogs driving a MINI, we didn’t know whether to laugh (because it’s hilarious) or cry (because a dog can drive better than some of my colleagues?)!

The videos, which have circulated the internet for a couple of years now, show two rescue dogs, Porter and Monty, driving a MINI at the command of their instructors.

The canines are trained to turn the ignition of the modified cars, put it into gear and then steer it around a racetrack.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was the brains behind the training of these abandoned pooches. “Our dogs are a motley bunch, but they’re all smart and lovable”, it said on the Drivingdogs YouTube channel.

And smart they are. We think these pups need a big ol’ belly rub for this brilliance.

We’re still coming to terms with the idea of cars driving humans, and now pets can drive too? We’ll have some real competition in the automotive space if this keeps up; thankfully dogs can’t even internet… yet.