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Compact SUV Under $60K: Gold Star Value Awards

By James Whitbourn, 16 Oct 2014 Best Value Cars

Mazda CX-5 Akera

Mazda provides a lesson in depreciation

­Mazda provides a lesson in depreciation

1. Mazda CX-5 Akera
COMPARING the top-spec CX-5 with the base model, which won its category in the cheaper price bracket, delivers a lesson in the cost of depreciation. While the flagship 2.5-litre petrol AWD Akera has an identical 76 percent retained value figure, its extra $20K cost means it sheds more than $11,000 of its value over three years, compared with $6700 for the entry-level variant. To put it into perspective, that’s more than double what you’ll spend on fuel and insurance over the same period, and that’s for a relatively inexpensive car with a resale figure among the best of the GSC field.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLA200 CDI
THE ageing 2.1-litre turbo-diesel four responsible for the GLA200 CDI’s 4.6L/100km combined cycle fuel use isn’t the slickest unit, but it does help the front-drive base model Benz save bucks at the bowser.

3. Toyota RAV4 Cruiser AWD
WHAT’S the best thing about the flagship RAV4? Its badge. Toyota longevity is the stuff of legend, and is reflected here by a healthy 66 percent resale.

Compact SUV <$60k Purchase Price Comb. Fuel (L/100km) Fuel RON (min. rec.) 3-year fuel cost Redbook resale (%) 3-year deprec. AAMI insurance prem. Service interval (months) Warranty (years)
Mazda CX-5 Akera AWD $46,570 7.4 91 $4224 76 $11,177 $945.23 12 3
Mercedes-Benz GLA200 CDI $47,900 4.6 D $2780 66 $16,286 $1208.69 12 3
Toyota Rav4 Cruiser AWD $47,290 8.5 91 $4852 66 $16,079 $1160.16 6 3

Notable classmates: BMW X1 sDrive 2.0i / Number of cars crunched: 4