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By Wheels staff, 25 Mar 2009 COTY


You wrote to us about a problem with our 2008 Car of the Year, and we have responded ...

While it's probably a bit strong to label the Accord Euro a "lemon" for a pinging engine (as some of you have), we agree that this 'pinging' issue with the Accord Euro needs to be dealt with swiftly by Honda.

Despite not having experienced the pinging problem ourselves during testing, we have subsequently received enough correspondence on the topic to know that it is a problem for a number of owners.

We recently contacted Honda Australia who acknowledged having also received calls on the topic via the dealer network.

Honda Australia claims the sound is not pinging (detonation) per se, but rather a similar-sounding post-combustion noise, and that Honda Japan has offered assurances the issue will not harm the engine.

Honda Australia has reiterated that the engine is guaranteed for the entire time it is in the original owner's possession, even if this extends beyond the three-year warranty period.

The company also claims a fix is well underway, and expects this to be implemented by April. We will keep an eye on the matter and keep readers informed of developments...