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The Bible - COTY criteria

By Wheels Staff, 03 Mar 2009 COTY

The Bible - COTY criteria

A breakdown of the five COTY commandments.


How well does it work?
Does the nominated car work better than its competitors?
Does it represent an improvement in user-friendliness?
Is it better designed?


Does it deliver genuine advantages to consumers through the use of improved technology? Includes the use of new materials, superior production techniques and the use of innovative systems. The focus must always be the delivery of genuine advantages through the application of better technology ... and at a reasonable price.


How efficiently does the car use resources. What impact on the environment does its use involve?
Takes into account fuel consumption relative to competitors. Also, to a lesser extent, whether the car represents an efficient investment of materials and energy. The environmental rating is based on carbon dioxide and emissions associated with use.


How well does the car protect?
Rates both active and passive safety systems of the car, whether standard or optional equipment.
A possible five points can be achieved for active safety features (ABS, EBD, BA, TC, ESP), while passive safety features (specifically, the number of airbags fitted) is also scored out of five.


Does the price accurately reflect its qualities?
Essentially, quality - in every sense - versus price. Affordability is pre-scored (from a possible five points) based on the cost of the range.
A further possible five points can be awarded by each judge based on the actual pricing relative to competitors.