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What’s your Wheels Car of the Year?

By Trent Giunco, 22 Jan 2020 COTY

What’s your Wheels Car of the Year?

Now is your chance to tell us which contender you’d pick as your 2020 COTY

It took our seven judges eight days and myriad kilometres to whittle down a field of 31 cars, comprising 17 variants, to just one winner.

Whatever the outcome, public opinion on what should have done well, what didn’t and cars that surprised will often raise strong, and healthy, debate.

So, we know what tops our polls, which will be revealed on January 30, but we want to know what your Wheels Car of the Year for 2020 is.

We judge each of the contenders against their own merits, and not directly against the entire COTY field, to see if they’re fit for the intended purpose.

That’s why comparison winners, if released within the calendar year, are often shoe-ins for a call-up to join the list of starters.

If you need a refresher on some of the combatants, check out our rundown of the 2020 field with a breakdown of the variants offered to fight for the COTY crown. https://www.whichcar.com.au/events/coty/2020-car-of-the-year-contenders

The results of what car you think should adorn the top step of the podium will be released on January 28. So get in now if you want your vote to count.