Our award-winning design expert Paul Cockburn evaluates our 11 contenders.


Only one stalk per side of the wheel and both are easily read. WHY is this unusual?!Mx-5 controlsMX-5 ROOF
A simple and single-handed five-second conversion from open to closed. Mx-5 roofAMG BOOT(S)
These include a first-aid kit and safety jacket; which should be provided in every car.AMG bootBMW GULLWING DOORS
Handy in tight parking, head-friendly and infinitely superior to the Mercedes variant.BMW i8 gullwing doorsXR8 ENGINE BAY
A visual delight that also allows swift assessment of fluid levels and filter condition.Xr8 engine bay


Irresponsibly requires the driver to divert attention and hands for more performance.AMG GT S controlsBMW i8 BOOT
Minimal capacity and engine heating mean tiny stowage in this nominal four-seater.BMW i8 bootHOLDEN DASH
In an Australian car, mass chrome arrayed under a raked screen is simply inexcusable.Holden dashPEUGEOT PAINT
Matte finish is unnecessarily grainy, sure to hinder easy cleaning of dust and droppings.Peugeot paintLEXUS FRONT
All you could ever need to comprehend the basic difference between style and design.Lexus RC F front