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4x4 Parks Guide – Land Cruiser Mountain Park, QLD

By Lucy Eaton, 23 Sep 2017 QLD

Land Cruiser mountain Park main

Land Cruiser Mountain Park Is a haven for hardcore 4x4ers

Being one of the largest and most picturesque 4WD parks, Land Cruiser Mountain Park has a variety of things to see and do.

It’s affordable and you don’t have to drive miles to get to it, but you have to be mindful that the closest town is Kilcoy – so remember to fuel-up there before heading to the park, and there are signs along the way making it easy to find.

 Set on 10,000 acres, the park has an abundance of attractions including waterfalls and swimming holes.

Land Cruiser Mountain Park QLD waterfallWith a graded road from the office to the facilitated and well-maintained campsites, it is a great park for families and caravaners to camp for the weekend and get away from city life. However, if crowds aren’t your thing, you can camp anywhere on the property.

It’s also a haven for hardcore 4WDers who just go there to attempt Camp Road, a rutted track near the entrance of the park and a well-known meeting spot. Telecom Hill, which is closer to the campsites, is a rocky, shaley hill creating challenges for everyone who attempts it.

Land Cruiser Mountain Park QLD campsiteIt pays to watch others go first so you can determine if you’re capable of giving it a go. Choosing a bad line on this hill has caused a few rollovers in the past.

With more than 200km of tracks to choose from, you can navigate through rocky, rutted gullies and creek beds, and the park has spruced up the signposts to make it a lot easier to navigate around the map.

Land Cruiser Mountain Park QLD offroadingThose who visited the park before it closed will notice a new entrance to the office, preventing anyone entering or leaving the park without signing in or out. Other rules that have been applied are: no driving after 10pm (not even to the toilets), park security has been enforced, and no noise in the campsites after 10.30pm.

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It is an awesome 4WD park that caters for everyone; so if you’ve heard about it but never been there, book a weekend and go. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have, and it will have you biting at the bit to go back.


Located on Diaper Road, Kingaham, QLD – near Jimna via Kilcoy.

Rated among the top 10 camping spots in SE QLD, you can camp anywhere on the property

What’s on offer?
Dogs allowed
Fires allowed
Swimming holes
Toilet and shower facilities at main campsites

Trip Standard
The park is accessible to 2WD and 4WD vehicles. There are 200km of 4WD tracks throughout the property. All the tracks are graded on the supplied map, but the grading changes if there has been rain.

How much?
Night rate: $60 per vehicle
Day trippers: $35 per vehicle
(No motorbikes and no unregistered vehicles allowed in the park)

Diaper Road,
Kingaham, QLD, 4515
PHONE: (07) 5497 3164
EMAIL: llcmp@bigpond.com
WEB: landcruisermountainpark.com.au