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Do the Audi e-tron's virtual mirrors actually work?

By Ash Westerman, 05 Feb 2021 Features

Are virtual mirrors tech for tech's sake or do they actually bring useful advances?

Video: Audi e-tron virtual mirrors

The 'virtual mirrors' available on the all-electric Audi e-tron are one of its coolest features. So how exactly do they work?

The benefits of virtual mirrors have been widely touted: less wind noise and lower aerodynamic drag, as well as the ability for the image to be digitally adjusted for brightness if it's dark outside.

Do these benefits work in the real world and do they outweigh the rather significant shift in operation for one of a car's staple systems?

Audi Virtual Exterior Mirror

The cameras can be adjusted like regular mirrors, and don't make the car any wider, but those aren't the gripes those new to virtual mirrors might develop.

Ash Westerman explains everything you need to know in the above video.