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F1 stars and their cars

By Alex Inwood, 13 Mar 2013 Features

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What do F1 drivers use on the road? Wheels finds out.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know the 2013 Australian Grand Prix kicks off today.

But while that means drivers will be racing their new, ultra-fast F1 cars for the first time this season, it got us wondering – what do Formula One drivers use on the road?

F1 cars are hard, brutal and unforgiving, so you'd be forgiven for thinking F1 drivers would want something soft and comfortable for their daily commute. But you'd be wrong.

It seems an F1 driver's need for speed isn't just restricted to the track, with almost every driver opting for a face-bending supercar.

An interestingly, Australia's Mark Webber has one of the biggest and most exotic garages of them all.

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