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By Samantha Stevens, 21 Apr 2009 Features


The Brit automaker has released a short clip and an even shorter media release about its all-new XJ.

There are no signs of old-school moon headlamps, bubble bonnets, or trailing boots here - in fact, you could be pardoned for thinking this official teaser imagery from Jaguar is actually the current model XF.

The the company announced the arrival date and a short video at the Shanghai auto show yesterday: the all-new Jaguar XJ is due for global debut in London on July 9 (but not at the British Auto Show - the biennial motor show has fallen the way of the dodo in these harsh times...).

It will come in standard and long-wheelbase body styles with the XF generation's V6 and V8 petrol and diesel engines, is built on a next-gen 'aerospace inspired' aluminium platform architecture, and will boast first-time Jag options such as a full moonroof.

Sales starting at the end of the year and delivery of the cars at the start of 2010, and more details are sure to follow in the coming months...

For now, the official XJ site can be found HERE.