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Ford Mustang Goodie Guide: $25K plus

03 Jan 2017 Features

Ford Mustang Goodie Guide: $25K plus

522kW supercharger or crate engine? Serious upgrade options for your new Ford Mustang.

Thinking of building the baddest no-budget road-registered Ford Mustang around? You could go Big Boy supercharger or ‘just’ get a new crate engine. Here are three solid options.

HSF670-Hennessey by Streetfighter Supercharger Package1. HSF670 Hennessey by Streetfighter Supercharger Package
KPM hasn’t reinvented the wheel with its supercharger package, co-branded Streetfighter and Hennessey; however when you’re cruising around in a 522kW boosted tyre-fryer it’s handy to know that KPM has done the legwork to make the blower packages ADR-compliant.
Price: $27,980
Website: streetfighter.net.au

Cobra Jet crate engine2. CobraJet crate engine
At the top of the food chain for high performance crate motors is the Ford Performance CobraJet engine – only for serious enthusiasts! With a 2.9L Whipple supercharger atop a race-ready, lightweight and fully-forged engine it’s ready for war, and is rumoured to pack up to 745kW at the crank.
Price: $48,000
Website: herrodmotorsport.com.au

Aluminator crate engine3. Aluminator crate engine
Improving on the hardware that exists between the chassis rails of your 5.0-litre Mustang from the factory, the Aluminator V8 is all-muscle from top to bottom. Borrowing the intake manifold from the famous Ford Performance Cobra Jet, the Aluminator engine boasts high-compression forged pistons and a beefed up rotating assembly to push the flywheel figure to 373kW.
Price: $24,150
Website: herrodmotorsport.com.au