Ford Mustang Tuning Goodies: $10K-$25K

Supercharger, twin-turbo and aero kit options for your new Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang Tuning Goodies: $10K-$25K

So you’ve got a brand new Ford Mustang and some leftover coin ripe for ‘investment’ – here’s some gear that’ll turn your foal into one wild filly.

Harrop TVS Supercharger Package1. Harrop TVS Supercharger Package
Designed and manufactured by Harrop to OE standards, utilising the latest in Eaton TVS technology, this new package allows for a shorter, less-restrictive intake path, allowing improved air flow and superior performance. The inverted supercharger design also delivers increased intercooler area which helps to keep the inlet air charge cooler, delivery more real rear power over a longer period of use.
Price: $POA

Roush Phase 2 Supercharger Kit2. Roush Phase 2 Supercharger Kit
An Eaton 2300 TVS supercharger beats at the heart of the Roush Phase 2 supercharger package, which is ideal for those whose lives are void of a 466kW supercharged V8 – and let’s be honest, they’re the kind of thrills we could all use a little more of. The Phase 2 package comes with all the hardware including the supercharger unit, fuel system upgrades and more.
Price: $15,200

Hellion Twin Turbo Kit3. Hellion Twin Turbo Kit
Bolt on twin turbo systems are the final frontier for those hunting for enough power to turn the earth on its axis, and the Hellion Twin Turbo kit as marketed locally by Car Mods has the flexibility to suit just about any application. Available in four stages between twin 55mm to twin 67mm turbines, the kit can support anywhere between 375 to 900 rear wheel kilowatts!
Price: $15,999

Hennessey Carbon Aero Kit4. Hennessey Carbon Aero Kit
Adelaide tuner KPM have partnered with international tuning powerhouse Hennessey Performance and are exclusively bringing in the company’s super exotic carbon aero bits for the latest generation Mustang. The carbon front splitter, side sills and rear lip spoiler certainly look the goods; however they carry a price tag to match.
Price: $23,419

Harrop Mustang Kit5. Harrop Mustang Kit
Harrop has wound the wick up with its complete Mustang package. Its internal development vehicle (pictured) is in keeping with Harrop’s high-performance heritage and boasts hardware enhancements in all the right areas to make the Mustang a refined driver’s car. With brake kit, suspension, exhaust package and intake mods, the package will comfortably run over $10K; more if you start adding all extra fruit.
Price: $POA

Ford Performance supercharger6. Ford Performance supercharger
Supplied by the Ford tuning gurus at Herrod, this Ford Performance supercharger kit centres around the common and incredibly popular 2.3L TVS huffer and comes with all the hardware you need to bolt it on to your Mustang and make an ADR-approved 500kW – not bad buying if you ask us!
Price: $POA


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