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Gallery: the best bits of Wheels magazine, August 2018

By Alex Inwood, 29 Aug 2018 Features

mazda 6 nyc

From an iconic house built over a waterfall, to the exposed inner workings of Porsche’s 919 EVO, and a Series 1 Land Rover that’s been buried in the ground like a carrot – here are the highlights from Wheels this month

ONE of the best things about creating a magazine is that it offers the perfect place to showcase world-class photography. The downside is trying to fit all that imagery into 148 pages each month.

Happily the internet has no such restrictions. What you’ll find in the above gallery are 26 of the best images from this month’s issue, some of which were published, others that you’ll see for the first time.

The first images show the car isn’t always the star. Stephen’s Corby’s trip in the refreshed Mazda 6, which now boasts the CX-9’s gutsy 2.5-litre turbo petrol, took in Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic house ‘Fallingwater’ in Pennsylvania. Built over a waterfall in 1935, the home is an astonishing architectural achievement.

There is plenty of intriguing metal, though. Seeing the exposed inner working of Porsche’s 919 EVO is a tech-head’s wet dream, and our trip to witness that car’s record-shattering run at the Nurburgring provided exactly that.

McLaren’s Senna is another example of eye-boggling engineering wizardry, but it’s not all high-end unobtainium. Staff shooter Ellen Dewar captured some brilliant sunset shots during this month’s five-car SUV comparison, and then there are the beautiful studio images of a recently rediscovered Series 1 Land Rover (chassis number 07), it’s body a patchwork of hard-won patina.

Finishing the gallery is a behind-the-scenes look at this month’s manga-inspired subscriber cover, which details the progress as Wheels’ art director Felipe Ubilla drew it by hand.

If you missed your copy, it’s still available to buy on shelves until Sept 6. Or you can order a subscription here.