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Gorden Wagener's Dream Garage

27 Sep 2019 Features

Gorden Wagener's Dream Garage

The man behind the revitalised Mercedes-Benz design portfolio has petrol in his veins and a key to an AMG GT in his pocket


"We must not forget that driving is fun. I love driving my GT, and it makes my day. I love the sound of a V8 more than anything else. The car to me is like a beautiful woman. It has that sexiness the Jaguar E-Type had in the 1960s, the lightness, the long hood when you sit inside. The car is just 100 percent pure emotion, pure beauty."

Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes 300SL

"The attraction of the Gullwing is, of course, the timeless shape, but also when you drive events like Mille Miglia, it shows just how superior that car is. And back in those days, it was like a UFO. That car cost around $8000 and the most expensive Cadillac at the time was around $4000. That was a price of a decent home back in those days."

Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Porsche 911

"The 911’s a classic shape that evolves over time, and Porsche always manages to update that. You can’t really change it, because then it wouldn’t be a 911. But the general architecture of the car, the hips and the rear, and of course the rear engine, which allows the front end to dive and the fenders to be exposed … this is a classic."

Porsche 911

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