How to find the best vehicle for your kids

So your little baby is all grown up, they have their license and now all they need is a car

How to find the best vehicle for your kids

So your little baby is all grown up, they have their license and now all they need is a car. RateCity shows you tips on choosing the best second-hand car for your teenager.

However much it scares you, this day was inevitable but look at it this way, having their own car has many benefits. Besides the fact that you won’t need to be their personal chauffer any longer, they will have the freedom to get from A to B as well as take on the responsibility involved in maintaining and looking after their first car.

If you are thinking of purchasing a car for your child as a gift, or as a surprise, or even if they have will be purchasing one themselves with the money they have saved up over the years, you want to know that they aren’t buying a bucket. No matter what the situation, if you are in the market for a car for your teenager, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Log books

This is not imperative but may assist you in gaining an understanding about how well the previous owner/s looked after the vehicle. You can check whether the car has received all of its services and whether it was serviced regularly or not at all. It may also be an idea to ask for receipts for services, parts etc and this will assist you in knowing not only how much things cost for this type of vehicle but what has been done to the car.

REVS check

If you are purchasing a second-hand car, it is a good idea to do a REVS check to see if it is an encumbered vehicle to make sure that aren’t taking on someone else’s burden.


Before purchasing a second hand vehicle you want to know that it is safe and road worthy. Firstly check if it registered, and then organise for a local garage or NRMA (for NSW and QLD) to conduct a safety inspection so that you can rest assured that the vehicle is mechanically sound.


When looking at the car, go around the car thoroughly checking for dents, rust, mismatching of paint colours (as this could mean it was involved in an accident), check that the tyres have enough tread or whether you are up for new tyres, check the oil, the air conditioning, that is has a spare tyre and check that all the electric items such as windows and mirrors work.

Test drive

Take the car for a test drive and see how it handles. If you can, try and take it out in an area with a speed limit of 80 or above so that you can see if it wobbles and how it feels. Also listen out for strange noises and check that the radio and everything works. By taking the car for a test drive you can get a feel of whether the car is in good condition or not.

Price range

Set yourself a budget and stick to it, if the asking price is a bit higher negotiate and get down the price. Shop around and see what the current market price is for the vehicle you are interested in and don’t pay a cent more than you need to.

Maintenance costs

Before purchasing the vehicle check with your local mechanic on approximate prices for repairs and services. It is a known fact that European cars do cost more to service and repair, so keep these extra costs in mind before making that deal.


And finally, once you have the right car ensure that your teenager is covered in the event of an accident or theft and for your peace of mind, Compare car insurance quotes online at financial comparison sites like RateCity to find the best cover for them.

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