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Jaguar F-Type SVR performance testing

By Scott Newman, 23 Sep 2019 Features

Snarling British coupe is an 11-second weapon

Jaguar F-Type SVR performance testing feature

Even if it was slow as a wet week, the Jaguar F-Type SVR would hold significant appeal for the insane noise it makes.

The 5.0-litre supercharged V8 produces not only 423kW and 700Nm but a vicious snarl that feels like it could shatter glass and fell the birds from the trees.

Unsurprisingly, the F-Type SVR is not as slow as a wet week. Quite the opposite. The blown V8 F-Type has always been stupidly quick; even the original F-Type V8 S convertible clocked 0-100km/h in 4.28sec and a 12.34sec quarter mile at 189.37km/h.

In Coupe R guise it lowered those figures to 3.99sec and 11.99sec at 193.42km/h, incredibly impressive numbers from a rear-drive machine, but with all-wheel drive the SVR is even quicker.

Finally, the F-Type could use the full reserves of its monster engine and the SVR hit 100km/h from rest in just 3.6sec – besting its claim by a tenth – before steaming through the 400m traps in 11.53sec at 199.21km/h.

If you’re wondering how much the SVR is worth compared to the standard F-Type V8 AWD, the answer is 0.15sec to 100km/h, 0.27sec across the quarter mile and almost 6km/h in terminal speed.

What’s more, it’s the easiest car in the world to extract this speed from. According to the handbook the SVR has a rudimentary launch control system but it doesn’t need it. It allows plenty of revs to be stalled against the torque converter then just release the brake and flatten the accelerator.

There isn’t a hint of wheelspin and it just keeps charging, each gearshift accompanied by a fierce crack from the exhausts. Piece of cake.

Check out the latest issue of MOTOR magazine to read the comparison test between the Jaguar F-Type SVR, BMW M850i and Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

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