When cars crash and egos clash, fisticuffs are inevitable.

But if there’s anything to learn from these trackside tantrums, it’s that you won’t see a racing driver in a UFC bout any time soon.

1. PIQUET v SALAZAR (Formula 1, 1982)

Back-marker Eliseo Salazar destroyed Nelson Piquet’s chances for victory after ploughing straight in to Piquet’s leading Brabham when approaching a chicane. Luckily for Salazar, the fiesty Brazilian proved karate wasn’t his forte. 

2. SIMKO v DENIS (Stock Cars, 2006)

We’re not sure what’s better, Michael Simko fly-kicking through Don Denis’s windscreen like a WWE pro, or Denis, built like a Wallabies prop on a Maccas-only diet, bull-charging Simko and flattening an innocent official in the process.

3. LONGHURST v MORRIS (Super Touring, 1994)

The only thing higher-strung than Tony Longhurst after some on-track aggro with Paul Morris was commentator Darrell Eastlake. As Longhurst let ’em fly Dazza bellowed, “[Tony’s] put the biffo back in to the bingle!”


Cale Yarborough’s fight for the lead was ended by a track-greedy Donnie Allison. When Dale’s brother, Bobby, came over to check on him after the crash, Cale clobbered him with his helmet.

5. TAGLIANI v TRACY (Champ Car, 2006)

Paul Tracy clumsily collided with Alex Tagliani’s car when rejoining the race after over-cooking a corner. Fuming, Tagliani sought out Tracy and words, and a whimsical punch, were exchanged.

6. SKAIFE v INGALL (V8 Supercars, 2003)

Oh yes, you remember this one. Red-faced Mark Skaife came off second best on track with Russell Ingall and was eager to settle the score, but his fist-shaking didn’t scare The Enforcer.

7. BINGHAM v FRANSEN (Grand Am, 2006)

Chris Bingham and JC Fransen used a ‘hit ’em first, ask questions later’ approach after an accident took both drivers out of their Mexico City race. However, neither took off their helmets, so the only things damaged were their egos.

8. MURPHY v AMBROSE (V8 Supercars, 2005)

It was shaping up to be a track-side knuckle dance after Marcos Ambrose got the short straw in a pile-up he believed Greg Murphy caused. Up in each other’s grill, we expected at least a slap, but only words and finger-pointing came of it.


NASCAR wouldn’t be what it is without a good, old-fashioned brawl. When Clint Bowyer was put in the wall by Jeff Gordon, Bowyer’s enraged pit crew made for Gordon’s camp with pitchforks. It was on.