RACV finds Hyudai Getz, Ford Fiesta cheapest cars to run, Land Rover most expensive.

New figures from insurer RACV show that the cost of owning and operating a car in 2010 has changed little from the past two years, rising 4.5 percent over 2009.

Covering 78 models in the new car market, RACV's 'Driving Your Dollars' survey found that while the Ford Fiesta Econetic is the cheapest to run (10.23 cents per kilometre), its higher purchase price meant that the Hyundai Getz continues to be the cheapest to own and operate - its fourth year at the top.

At the other end of the scale, the three most expensive vehicles to own and operate are all variants of the LandCruiser, with the V8 diesel costing $386.79 per week, the V8 petrol costing $369.88 and the LandCruiser 'ute' costing $40 less at $328.48 per week.

“How much an individual pays to purchase a car is just a piece of the picture. We also assess how much it costs to have the car serviced, the cost of fuel, tyres, insurance, registration, RACV membership, interest, stamp duty, drivers’ licence as well as an assortment of spare parts like windscreens and batteries,” the RACV's Brian Negus said.

Mr Negus said that while the nearly $8000 cost over five years of maintaining a BMW wasn't surprising, a trio of Toyota models provided their own surprises.

"Toyota's Yaris, Prado and Rav4 were all the most expensive to maintain in their categories, even with Toyota Service Advantage limiting scheduled costs,” he said.