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Weekend Watch: Nurburgring in the snow

By Scott Newman, 09 Jan 2015 Features

Loony German driving instructor turns a single seater into a snowplough

Weekend Watch: Nurburgring in the snow

The Nurbrugring Nordschleife is rightly regarded as one of the world’s most difficult racetracks.

Over 20km in length, even once you’ve memorised the 150-plus turns, the high speed, massive elevation changes and complete lack of run off make it a daunting place to drive fast.

And that’s in the dry. Add some moisture and things become even more treacherous. For a number of months the Nordschleife is actually covered in a blanket of snow, forcing drivers to put their ’Ring addiction on hold.

Everyone but Andy Gulden, that is. Gulden is chief instructor at the Nurburgring Driver Academy, and he is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

Y’see, with the temperature a balmy -16C and the ’Ring invisible under a thick blanket of snow, Gulden decided this was a good time to take one of the Nurburgring Formula cars for a run.

What follows is an utterly mesmerising display of car control, with the single seater rarely facing in a straight line for more than a second or two. Gulden is clearly a driving god, as he is not content to tip-toe round in deference to the conditions.

Respect to you, Mr Gulden.