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Ford - The Wheels Report 2015

By Toby Hagon, 03 Jan 2016 Wheels-Report

Ford - The Wheels Report 2015

It’s difficult not to refer to Ford’s recent sales results as anything but dismal.


It’s difficult to refer to Ford’s recent sales results as anything but dismal. Its apparent lack of interest in selling anything but a ute makes for poor reading; Falcon down 4pc, Fiesta down 32pc, Focus down 58pc, Kuga down 22pc. Oh, and the all-new Mondeo has been outsold by the dated model it replaces (a car, admittedly, Ford pushed onto the market with big discounts).

Rank: 6
2015: 68K
2016: 77K
Grade: D-


Anything not designed to go off-road. Ford has almost no pull with its light, small and medium cars, something that needs to change to revive former glories. The cars are good; the brand, sales pitch and customer service seem on the nose. At least the overpriced Everest provides a growth opportunity, while the freshened Focus could also lift. Mustang will add some incremental growth and focus a spotlight on the brand.


The end of the Falcon and Territory. Production winds up in October, not only taking two modest-selling models out of the mix (there will likely still be some in dealerships in early 2017), but also potentially robbing management of valuable brainpower as it manages the complex task of shutting down a major manufacturing facility. Ford also has to find a way to convince family buyers to walk into its dealerships.


Rarely listens and doesn’t seem to learn much. A poor performer in recent years, with little to suggest that’s going to change in 2016. Ford needs to change – and quickly – if it’s to regain some of the ground lost in recent years. But some key rivals are also in for a tough year, so the brand is likely to attain fifth.