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Bush cooking with Roothy: Apple spring rolls

By John Rooth, 08 Jul 2016 Bush Cooking

Roothy whips up a delicious dessert in less than 10 minutes.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Apple spring rolls

HONESTLY, who doesn’t love stewed apple wrapped in crispy pastry?

But who can be bothered cooking up a dessert on the Coleman Gladiator after a hard day’s slog through the rough and red stuff. Putting dinner on is hard enough!

Roothy’s got the answer: apple spring rolls that’ll be ready before you’ve reached the dregs of your first tinnie.

That’s right. These apple treats are so simple they’ll be ready in less than 10 minutes!

The key ingredient to bring this dish to life is Duncan Hines’ Country Apple – you can stew your own apples, but using tinned fruit is the quick and easy way.

Layer the mixtureMash up the apple in a bowl, add a packet of sultanas and a good sprinkle of cinnamon, and then stir through.

Layer the mixture on top of a sheet of spring roll pastry and fold it closed. Water is the secret weapon to keep the wrap sealed.

Spring roll pastry can be bought from any supermarket and it shouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks – again, feel free to make your own pastry.

Throw a couple of rolls in a pan of boiling oil and turn once until golden brown.

Cooked to golden brownPlace the apple spring rolls on top of a paper towel to drain some of the oil, and then let it rest for a few minutes to cool down.

A spoonful of ice cream (or a dollop of cream) is the best sidekick for this brilliant dessert.

At the very least it’ll keep the kiddies quiet for a few minutes!