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Bush Cooking with Roothy: Banana Pancakes

By John Rooth, 02 Dec 2016 Bush Cooking

Keep the kids at camp happy with this delightful dessert.

Bush Cooking with Roothy: Banana Pancakes

EVERYONE loves pancakes, don’t they? They’re the perfect way to kick-start a morning! They can also double-up as a dessert treat for the entire family.

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Right, you don’t have to be a master chef to put this dessert dish together, as it’s one of the easiest meals you’ll ever make.

All you need is oil, pancake mix, bacon, a few bananas and maple syrup.

Simply fry up the bacon on a pan until it’s nice and crispy. Remove the bacon, but leave a layer of fat to sizzle away before applying the pancake mixture.

Slice up some banana and apply it to the top of the pancake mix before carefully flipping it over.

“You want to get this right otherwise you end up with mush in the pan. It still tastes good, but it’s mushy,” Roothy says in the video.

Once both sides are cooked through, add a rasher of crispy bacon on top and smother with maple syrup.

“The best part is when you get a little bit of banana, a little bit of pancake and a little bit of bacon with some maple syrup all at the same time in one mouthful,” Roothy adds. “It’s to die for, it’s fantastic!”

This is the perfect breakfast treat, plus it’ll keep the kids quiet for a few minutes!