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Bush cooking with Roothy: Beer-battered fish and chips

By John Rooth, 17 Jun 2016 Bush Cooking

Roothy brings fish and chips to outback Australia.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Beer-battered fish and chips

USING beer for any other reason other than drinking it better be bloody worth it. And, in this case, it is. Who doesn’t like beer-battered fish and crispy chips?

However, before you throw the snapper in the pot of boiling water, the first task is to knock up some French-style chips.

To get the chips a lovely, crispy golden brown, cut the spuds thin and cook the chips twice in the oil. Don’t bother peeling the spuds either, as that’s a waste of time according to Roothy. A thorough wash will do just fine.

Once the chips are put to the side, it’s time to concoct the beer batter. Roothy’s method is to keep it really simple – the outback way.

All you’ll need is egg yolk, plain flour, salt, sugar, cream, and the miracle ingredient: beer (remember, it’s important to taste the beer before you apply it).

Smother the snapper (or whatever cut of fish you’d like) in the batter and throw it in the oil for a few minutes, or until golden brown. Voila!

When you’re in outback Australia, you’re a long way from the ocean, but that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in a great feed of fish and chips. Plus there aren’t any seagulls bugging you for a chip – well, apart from the campsite neighbours.