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Bush cooking with Roothy: Gourmet burgers

By John Rooth, 28 Oct 2016 Bush Cooking

Not just any old burger!

Bush cooking with Roothy: Gourmet burgers

BURGERS are cheap, easy and tasty and, let’s be honest, mum and dad love them just as much as the kids.

Not keen to add burgers to your menu? Check out these recipes Roothy’s thrown together.

All you need for this one is: mincemeat, curry powder, teriyaki sauce, an egg, an avocado, cheese, bread rolls and hot tomato chutney.

First, add some mincemeat, curry powder and teriyaki sauce to a mixing bowl. Chuck in a cracked egg and mix away. Once it’s thoroughly mixed through, place the burgers on a frying pan/grill and start to cook them up.

Next, chop up an avocado (yes, Roothy calls it a vegetable), scrape out the innards, place it in a separate bowl, and then mash it up.

Cut the bread rolls in half and spread some avo across one half (keep it healthy and don’t use butter), then throw a beef patty on top.

The next part is what makes this dish ‘gourmet’: Spread a generous layer of hot tomato chutney on top (mind you, it can be any chutney). Add a slice of cheese and you’re done. Delish.

Roothy adds: “Not only was that really easy, but it was really cheap. And it’s just so much tastier and so much better for you than you-know-who.”

Can’t argue with that!