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Bush cooking with Roothy: Hash browns

By John Rooth, 16 May 2016 Bush Cooking

How to make hash browns in the bush.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Hash browns

IT’S easy to give into temptation when driving past the golden arches after a long day on the road. But it’s just as easy – and cheaper – to whip up some grub with a few leftover ingredients stored down back.

All that’s needed to cook Roothy’s signature hash browns are a couple of spuds, some garlic, a good dollop of oyster sauce, a tin of corned beef, corn kernels, curry powder, a few onions and some chilli (if so desired).

In fact, feel free to chop and change whatever ingredients you think will work. So long as the potato foundations remain!

Watch the video to see just how simple it is to knock up a quick and healthy(ish) meal.