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Century Batteries launches Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator

By Justin Walker, 28 Mar 2019 Gear

Century Batteries Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator news

Century Batteries create an online power calculator to help with battery selection.

AUSTRALIAN battery manufacturer, Century Batteries, has launched a brilliantly simple solution to figuring out the power needs of off-road tourers, releasing the first online interactive Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator.

It’s a bad feeling when the camp lights are glowing, the fridge/freezer is delivering cold beers and the kids are happy watching their devices, and then suddenly it all goes dark and silent. Somehow you haven’t calculated your power needs against the battery that came with your caravan, camper or in your dual-battery system, and you’ve been left powerless.

In a camping situation a power blackout means the proverbial is about to hit the fan; if only you’d checked how much grunt your various toys and devices need to keep the campsite humming.

The calculator allows you to accurately calculate the exact battery capacity you will need, depending on your own personal usage. This is something that, until now, hasn’t always been easy to figure out, as Andrew Bottoms, Century Yuasa’s National Marketing Manager, explains.

“The existing process involved working through a six-step calculation to determine power usage in watts, total the figure and add a safety net, then convert their power consumption into ampere hours,” he says. “The user then had to manually find and select a battery which satisfies that figure.”

We agree, that does sound too complicated. The new online calculator, thankfully, pares it down to a very straightforward process whereby you simply enter your equipment details into the app, and include things like the manufacturer-supplied power consumption figures for that equipment and how long you envisage using them for (in hours).

4x4 Industry Insider: Century Batteries

The Deep Cycle Calculator then adds up the usage times and consumption figures before adding a further 50 per cent to the final required figure that is calculated in Ampere hours (Ah). It then lists deep cycle batteries that match or exceed that requirement. This also allows those who already have an auxiliary battery to easily check to see if it definitely meets their campsite requirements.

It’s brilliant, and it’s perfect timing with the Easter break only weeks away.

“Easter is officially Australia’s busiest time for camping and caravanning,” Andrew says. “Not everyone wants to ‘plug in’ and be restricted to ’van parks, so alternate power gives you the confidence to stop where you like knowing you have the power to run essential appliances when emergencies arise like recharging phones; or run shortwave radios, televisions and lights.”

Website: www.centurybatteries.com.au/products/deep-cycle/deep-cycle-power-calculator