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Companion solar charger + Projecta folding solar panel

18 Dec 2020 Electronics & Gadgets

Companion solar charger + Projecta folding solar panel

Keep your gadgets buzzing with these solar chargers.

ENSURE your phones, tablets, cameras and laptops remain charged on your end-of-season trip, with these clever solar charging solutions.


Keep your phones, tablets and other electric gadgets charged on your next 4x4 trip with a brand-new Companion Solar Charger. Available in 21W and 10W, the solar-charging mats come with hanging loops, inbuilt stands and mesh accessory pockets. Plus, they’re made with a weather-resistant ETFE lamination. The 10W unit weighs 400g and features a max amp output of 2amp/h and 5.5V max voltage. The 20W unit weighs 650g and features a max USB output of 2.9amp/h and a max power of 6.6V. The solar chargers are available now.
Website: www.companionleisure.com.au


Projecta’s 10W Personal Folding Solar Panel with Solar Charger is a convenient way to keep phones, cameras, drones and smart watches charged on your next 4WD adventure. The Projecta COMPAC Series Solar Panels are portable, monocrystalline folding solar panels armed with a 3-in-1 charging cable; while the power banks take between 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. The compact unit is durable and heat-resistant; has short-circuit and surge protection; and can be neatly folded for easy storage.
Website: www.projecta.com.au